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StampMap development

by Coseso

COSESO is the development company that was commissioned to develop StampMap. Let us introduce it to you !

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Our collaboration

COSESO is a French company with many years of experience specialising in web development, legaltech, web hosting and Web3 solutions.

On 9 January 2023, we signed a development contract with Coseso, who have since been working on StampMap to deliver the project during the month of February.

For several weeks, we studied different proposals from several developers, but Coseso is the team that seems most suitable to us: for its experience, its direct availability, its knowledge of the SRC20 protocol, its large team and for easy communication. Indeed, COSESO is a French company, but so are we, the initiators of StampMap !  It is therefore easier to communicate, even if we don't have difficulty expressing ourselves in writing, it is often a little more complicated orally.

COSESO team consists of 9 employees: 4 devs, 1 manager, 1 salesperson, 1 lawyer, 1 CEO and 1 assistant. Coseso also has a large address book, to add staff if necessary.

We are certain that COSESO is the development company best suited to our project, and will be able to bring it to a successful conclusion. 

To find out more about COSESO, take a look at their website and the various projects they have already completed, and read the article announcing our collaboration:


StampMap development stage by COSESO

Coseso has already planned the development of StampMap in an optimized way, here are the main steps that it will follow, for a release of StampMap planned for February (we can't give a precise date at the moment) :

  • Project analysis, planning and implementation of communication/development tools (~2 days)

  • Design of the pixel grid and configuration of pixel search filters on the map (~5 days)

  • User interface design and integration (~5 days)

  • Integration of WEB3 wallets and integration of the $STMAP token using the SRC20 protocol. (~5 days)

  • Functional/quality test and verification (~1 day)

  • And a few extra days to plan for unforeseen events...

StampMap (56)_edited.jpg


December 2023

Q1 2024

Q2 2024

Q3-Q4 2024

Launch of the project and the community.

Free mint of $STMAP tokens

Recruiting the development team

Launch of the StampMap, all holders can come and inscribe/draw/write on the blank 90,000 pixels map (300x300 square).

Launch of "StampMap Business", a strategic campaign and a section of the StampMap website dedicated to businesses, aimed at onboarding businesses on StampMap with a professional approach (tools and documents to help businesses understand the concept of StampMap, and the benefits which can be derived from it for their business)

Submission of $STMAP for listing with numerous exchanges

$STMAP OTC listed on several exchanges (if technically possible for exchanges)

$STMAP listed in spot on several exchanges (if technically possible for exchanges, also depends on the budget that the project will have managed to raise, and on personal contributions)

Update of the StampMap platform to add functionality, and if possible more on-chain functionalities with the SRC20 protocol (Coseso is currently studying the possibilities)

To be announced...

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