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Community proposal
Fund a $STMAP listing on a CEX using donations from the community

Total donation goal targeted: $10k

Make sure you are familiar with the campaign and the conditions just below

Detail of the proposal

Some members of the StampMap community have offered to carry out a donation campaign, in order to have $STMAP listed on a CEX.

After study of the proposal by the initiators of StampMap, and a survey carried out on X, we decide to accept this proposal and launch a donation campaign.

Given that this proposal cannot harm members of the community who would not wish to participate in donations and the anticipated listing of $STMAP seems to present only beneficial effects, it seems to us in everyone's interest to at least try to achieve the desired objective.

Campaign details

Contrary to what was mentioned in our post on X, this donation campaign will not necessarily be aimed at listing on Ascendex, as we are in negotiations with other exchanges, so we don't want to close the door to other exchanges that might be more interesting. The purpose of this campaign is EXCLUSIVELY to list on a CEX. The funds cannot be used for any other purpose.

If the minimum objective of the campaign is reached ($10k) :


If only Ascendex is possible, then we will list $STMAP on Ascendex without vote.


If other exchange possibilities are added, then we will let community members choose the exchange they prefer through a vote on telegram.


In the event that the campaign objective is significantly exceeded, then larger exchanges will be possible.

In the event that we manage to negotiate the listing price with a CEX below $10k (the current minimum target) funds may be used if sufficient.

In the event that STMAP is listed for free on a CEX during the campaign, then the campaign will be canceled and donors will be refunded.

Campaign conditions

By participating in this donation campaign, you agree that your funds will be used for the listing of $STMAP on a CEX. In the case where several CEXs are possible depending on the negotiations and the funds collected, you accept that your funds will be dedicated to the listing on the exchange chosen by the community (the most votes), even if it was not your choice preferably.

In the event that the objective of this campaign is not achieved, you will be refunded the equivalent amount that you donated. Please note, we will reimburse you the exact amount given with the same asset.

For example, if you donate 0.01BTC, we will refund 0.01BTC to you, regardless of the dollar equivalent. If the value of bitcoin drops between the time of donation and redemption relative to its equivalent dollar amount, we will not take the difference into account, either downward or upward.

On the same principle, if you send 500 USDT, we will reimburse you 500 USDT regardless of the dollar value, and cannot be held responsible in the event of a market anomaly, and in particular a depeg of the USDT.

In the event that all of the funds collected do not need to be used for the campaign objective, you will be reimbursed in proportion to the surplus compared to the amount initially given.

Key dates

02/10/2024 - 9 p.m. UTC, start of the donation campaign

02/17/2024 - 9 p.m. UTC, end of the donation campaign

If funds collected make it possible to list STMAP on a CEX:

After the end of the campaign, if there are several listing possibilities, a 24-hour vote will be put in place for the community to choose the exchange. At the end of this period, the chosen exchange will be paid and will complete the listing as soon as possible.

If only 1 exchange is possible, including Ascendex, then we will pay the exchange directly to complete the listing as soon as possible.

If the donation campaign is not fulfilled:

If the minimum amount of the campaign is not reached, and the funds raised do not allow for listing, you will be reimbursed by the StampMap team within a maximum of one week.

02/24/2024 - 9 p.m. UTC, Maximum refund date if we cannot list $STMAP on a CEX.

We will do everything possible to reimburse you as quickly as possible, but leave a wide deadline in the event that network costs are high, to limit costs.

Words from the StampMap initiators

This donation campaign for a listing on a CEX is a community proposal, and was not initially considered in the StampMap development plan.

Thus, if the donation campaign is not completed, this will in no way compromise the project. If the campaign is validated, and the listing is completed, see it as a bonus.
We are convinced that some exchanges will list STMAP in any case, it is just a matter of time. We are convinced that by continuing to build the project and delivering a good product, we will have every chance.

Finally, we believe that a listing on a minor exchange, such as Ascendex, will not have a big impact on the volume traded on the token, nor on its price.

However, we believe that a listing on an exchange can allow better accessibility and liquidity on STMAP, and would improve our narrative, particularly if we are the first SRC20 listed. A listing could also encourage other exchanges to list (domino effect) or be a good event to gain credibility for our requests for listings on larger exchanges.

How to participate in the donation campaign?

To allow as many volunteers as possible to participate in the donation campaign, we are setting up two donation methods:

by sending BTC (bitcoin network) to the address:


by sending USDT (ethereum or binance smart chain network) to the address:


Please note, make sure you only send to one of these 2 addresses, do not send to an address published on social networks or elsewhere than on the official website or telegram channel. We will never ask for donations in private message !

Please send your donations before the campaign end date.

Don't send other assets or on other networks than those mentioned, we will not be able to reimburse you

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