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Join a creative, collaborative and virtuous space...

StampMap Grid.png

StampMap is a 300x300 pixelated map on which $STMAP holders can inscribe, draw and write freely to express their personal and common creativity, while benefiting from the audience generated

How to take part?

1) Buy some $STMAP on marketplaces (How to buy ?)


2) Connect your wallet that holds $STMAP to the StampMap app.


3) Choose your pixels on the map from the pixels available with your credits.


1000 $STMAP = 1 credit = 1 pixel


4) Draw/inscribe/write your favorite images, stamps, and words on the map by choosing the color of your pixels.


Are you selling your $STMAP?

Your pixels are unlocked and available again for other holders

StampMap in a nutshell


pixelated map








SRC20 token

by marketcap

THE place to be...

StampMap is the ultimate destination for :

  • PixelArt enthusiasts seeking a platform to unleash their creativity.

  • Artists eager to showcase their masterpieces.

  • Companies aiming to amplify their brand presence.

  • Communities yearning to exhibit their collective passion.

  • Individuals desiring the freedom to express themselves uninhibitedly.

The only condition for expressing yourself on StampMap is possessing $STMAP tokens under the SRC20 protocol.

StampMap 300x300.png
1000 $STMAP = 1 pixel.png

The more $STMAP you have,

The more pixels you have,

The more visibility you have,

The more return on investment you have.

a win-win concept,
for an exponential growth

StampMap functions as a virtual showcase for diverse communities. The size of one's canvas on StampMap directly correlates with the quantity of pixels owned, thus determining visibility.

Participants have the autonomy to choose their colors and update their artwork at will, contingent upon their possession of $STMAP tokens.

StampMap maintains a fixed grid of 90,000 pixels, adhering steadfastly to this limitation. As time progresses, the allure of StampMap will attract an ever-growing array of entities seeking a presence on its limited canvas. As demand escalates, the available space diminishes,  this dynamic will inevitably lead to a surge in the value of pixels, by extension, the value of $STMAP tokens.

StampMap's potency lies in its self-perpetuating marketing mechanism, fueled by an enthusiastic community keen on showcasing their presence and creations. This organic promotion will attract a burgeoning audience to StampMap, establishing it as a pivotal hub within the Web3 ecosystem and a prime venue for branding and advertisement.

What you can inscribe on StampMap ?

StampMap - 2024-01-30T182207_edited.jpg

the “Times Square”
of Web3

StampMap aspires to emulate the bustling vibrancy of Times Square, becoming the premier destination where everyone strives for maximum visibility. It will serve as a nexus, uniting thousands of individuals, projects, and artists eager to etch their brands, names, or symbols onto its digital canvas.

In analogy, investing in $STMAP today is akin to securing advertising space in Times Square half a century ago, foreseeing its exponential growth and enduring value.

Timeq Sqaure - StampMap.png
StampMap computer.png

StampMap Development

On January 9, 2024, we signed a contract for the development of StampMap with a large French Web3 development company: Coseso.

Coseso has already supported dozens of Web2 and Web3 projects, and has solid experience to make StampMap a success

Coseso team has 9 employees including 4 developers who are working hard on StampMap to deliver the project as quickly as possible.

General page
My Wallet

StampMap platform

(under construction)

Some facts about StampMap and its token $STMAP

Best SRC20 mint : It's not us who say this, but the SRC20 community. StampMap made a lot of noise upon its launch, with its mint sold-out in just a few hours, including 80% of tokens minted in the last hour. StampMap was introduced on the secondary market and reached 3M marketcap in just a few minutes, slipping into 4th place in the SRC20 by marketcap.

First effective utility token: Once StampMap is launched, $STMAP will be the first token with major effective utility through its use on StampMap.

Biggest SRC20 project : Due to its marketcap, its ambitions, its utility token, and its project under development, StampMap is certainly the largest SRC20 project to date.

StampMap banner (3).png

StampMap, a well-thought-out ecosystem

StampMap ecosystem.png

Community-based project

From the beginning and forever, StampMap has been and will be community-based. The community is at the very essence of the project, it is its greatest strength and its greatest help for its development. Without its community, StampMap would be nothing, and for that, we thank you!

StampMap is developed by taking into account the opinions and suggestions of the community, through surveys, votes, requests for opinions, and through direct exchanges with the community.

Please, if you have any ideas or comments about the project, let us know!

You can contact us on X, on Telegram, publicly or privately, or even directly via this website. We will always be at your disposal.

They believes in StampMap

With this kinda effort from the team I’m confident STMAP will easily make it to cex. This is what a good project team is about always working and always keeping everyone updated. Not seen this ethic in a while 🔥

@justswash on telegram


StampMap soon in Times Square with 

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