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1. Introduction
Brief overview of StampMap project
StampMap emerges as a revolutionary venture, transcending the traditional boundaries of blockchain projects. At its core, it is a collaborative Pixel Art initiative that leverages the power of community to create a living, breathing canvas of digital art. Unlike conventional projects, StampMap envisions a space where creativity knows no bounds and individual expressions collectively contribute to a vibrant, ever-evolving masterpiece.
Introduction to the creative and evolving community Pixel Art project
StampMap is not just a project; it is a dynamic community-driven platform where art meets technology. Enthusiasts, artists, companies, and communities converge on a 90,000-pixel map, each pixel representing a unique opportunity for self-expression. It's a Pixel Art haven where imagination takes the spotlight, fostering an environment that celebrates the diversity of creativity within the blockchain space.
A Confluence of Art, Community, and Technology
In this introductory glimpse, StampMap unfolds as a convergence of artistry, community spirit, and cutting-edge blockchain technology. The creative potential of each pixel is amplified by the collaborative ethos of the community, all made possible through innovative means that empower participants to shape the canvas, exercising their creative prowess pixel by pixel.

2. Project Overview
The cornerstone of StampMap lies in its innovative approach to Pixel Art—a 90,000-pixel map that serves as a dynamic canvas for creative expression. This vast digital space is where participants can unleash their artistic prowess, collectively contributing to the evolution of a visually stunning and collaborative masterpiece.
90,000 Pixel Map Concept:
The map itself is a digital realm comprising 90,000 individual pixels, forming a 300x300 square. This expansive canvas is meticulously designed to accommodate a diverse array of artistic creations, providing ample space for participants to inscribe, draw, and write, pixel by pixel. The map is a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when creativity meets technology.
Connection to the SRC20 Protocol and $STMAP Token:
StampMap seamlessly integrates with the SRC20 protocol, a groundbreaking framework that embeds data within Bitcoin transactions. The $STMAP token, operating within this protocol, serves as the key to unlock the creative potential of the map. It facilitates ownership, granting participants the right to leave their digital mark on the canvas. The SRC20 protocol ensures the security, permanence, and immutability of these artistic expressions, aligning perfectly with the ethos of the broader blockchain community.
Purpose - Allowing Holders to Inscribe/Draw/Write on the Map:
StampMap is not just a static canvas; it's a living, breathing space for artistic exploration. The primary purpose is to empower $STMAP token holders to actively participate in the creation of a collaborative artwork. Participants can inscribe messages, draw intricate designs, or write meaningful phrases—each pixel becomes a brushstroke in a vast digital mural. This purpose underscores StampMap's commitment to democratizing art, making it accessible to a global community and breaking down traditional barriers to creative expression.

3. $STMAP Mint and secondary market introduction
The project's journey embarked with an unprecedented minting event, where the entire supply of $STMAP tokens was swiftly minted by the community. In a matter of hours, the minting process reached its culmination, with an astounding 80% of the tokens minted in just one hour. This rapid and overwhelming response underscores the project's widespread appeal and the community's eagerness to be part of the StampMap experience.
The secondary market introduction further fueled the project's momentum. StampMap became a focal point on platforms like StampScan and OpenStamp, where community members actively engaged in trading and acquiring $STMAP tokens. The floor price witnessed a remarkable surge, reaching almost 200 SAT from its initial standing. This surge reflects not only the project's growing popularity but also the community's confidence in the long-term potential of StampMap.

Community growth has been phenomenal, with the project's Telegram group experiencing a surge in membership—from zero to 120 members within a span of 24 hours. This swift community expansion underscores the project's ability to resonate with individuals passionate about Pixel Art, blockchain, and community-driven initiatives.

Information about mint 
Mint price: Free + bitcoin network fees
Max mint : 90,000
Supply: 90,000,000
Reflection on the project and preparation for the launch: since November 13.
Deployment of the $STMAP token: December 17, 2023
Official project launch: December 18, 2023
Sold-out: December 18, 2023

4. Participation and Token Acquisition
StampMap offers a seamless and engaging experience for participants, ensuring that everyone, from art enthusiasts to blockchain aficionados, can actively contribute to the evolving canvas. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to participate in StampMap and acquire $STMAP tokens:
Buying $STMAP on Marketplaces:
To become part of the StampMap community, individuals can acquire $STMAP tokens through various marketplaces. Notably, platforms like StampScan and OpenStamp have facilitated the trading of $STMAP, providing participants with accessibility to the project's native token. As demand for $STMAP grows, the token is expected to become available on additional platforms and exchanges.

TUTO: How to buy $STMAP?
1️⃣ Create a Unisat, Leather or OKX wallet 
2️⃣ Sending Bitcoin from an exchange
3️⃣ Go to 
Stampscan : 
OpenStamp : 
4️⃣ Connect your wallet that contains bitcoin
5️⃣ Choose the number of tokens you want from the listings.
6️⃣ Confirm your purchase on OpenStamp/Stampscan and on your wallet.

Well done, your transaction is in progress.
You will receive your $STMAP shortly (20 minutes to 1 hour in general). They will be visible on OpenStamp or Stampscan by connecting your wallet.

Connecting Wallet to StampMap App:
Once $STMAP tokens are secured in your wallet, the next step is to connect your wallet to the StampMap app. This connection is essential for the app to recognize and verify your $STMAP holdings, allowing you to interact with the 90,000-pixel canvas.
Explanation of the Credit System: 1000 $STMAP = 1 Credit = 1 Pixel:
The credit system serves as the cornerstone of StampMap's pixel allocation mechanism. Participants accumulate credits by holding $STMAP tokens, and for every 1000 tokens held, they earn the right to claim one pixel on the map. This credit-to-pixel ratio ensures that participants with varying token holdings can contribute meaningfully to the evolving artwork.
In essence, StampMap's participation process is designed to be inclusive, allowing individuals with different levels of involvement and creativity to contribute to the vibrant and collaborative Pixel Art project. Whether you're a seasoned blockchain enthusiast or a newcomer to the space, StampMap provides a unique intersection of technology and creativity for all participants.
Choosing Pixels on the Map with Credits:
StampMap introduces a unique credit system, where 1000 $STMAP equals 1 credit. Credits serve as the gateway to claiming pixels on the map. Participants can use their accumulated credits to choose specific pixels within the 90,000-pixel canvas. This system ensures a fair and proportionate distribution of space, with participants having the flexibility to decide the location of their contribution.
Drawing/Inscribing/Writing on Chosen Pixels:
With selected pixels under your ownership, it's time to unleash your creativity. StampMap allows participants to draw, inscribe, or write on their chosen pixels, adding their unique touch to the collaborative canvas. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your talent, a brand aiming to enhance visibility, or an individual expressing your passion, StampMap provides the space for diverse forms of creative expression.



5. Community First Approach
At the heart of StampMap lies a fundamental commitment to a community-driven ethos. Unlike traditional projects, StampMap doesn't adhere to a centralized leadership or founder-centric model. Instead, it thrives on the collective strength, creativity, and input of its diverse community. Here's an in-depth exploration of StampMap's community-first approach:
Project's Community-Driven Nature:
StampMap distinguishes itself by placing the community at the forefront of its decision-making and development processes. The project acknowledges that the true value of the collaborative Pixel Art canvas comes from the myriad perspectives, ideas, and contributions of its participants. The community is not just an audience but an active participant in shaping the evolution of StampMap.
Absence of a Centralized Leadership or Founder:
StampMap deliberately veers away from a traditional hierarchical structure. There's no single founder or centralized authority dictating the project's trajectory. This intentional decentralization empowers every participant, fostering a sense of ownership and shared responsibility. Decisions are made collectively, ensuring that the project remains a true representation of the diverse interests within the community.
Encouragement for Community Input:
StampMap actively seeks and values the input of its community members. Whether you're an artist with a vision, a developer with technical insights, or an enthusiast with constructive feedback, StampMap welcomes your contribution. The open channels for communication, such as Telegram groups and other community forums, serve as spaces for vibrant discussions, idea exchanges, and collaborative decision-making.
Development Suggestions and Constructive Criticism:
StampMap acknowledges the importance of continuous improvement. In line with this philosophy, the project encourages community members to put forward development suggestions and offer constructive criticism. This iterative feedback loop ensures that StampMap remains dynamic, responsive, and aligned with the evolving expectations and preferences of its growing community.
The community-first approach adopted by StampMap transforms participants from passive observers to active co-creators. It fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose, where every voice matters. StampMap's commitment to decentralization extends beyond the technological aspects and permeates the very fabric of its community dynamics, making it a true collaborative endeavor.

6. StampMap Functionality
StampMap offers a unique and dynamic functionality, empowering token holders to express themselves creatively on the collaborative Pixel Art canvas. The platform's functionality revolves around the $STMAP token, providing a seamless and engaging experience for individuals, artists, companies, and communities. 
Here's a detailed exploration of StampMap's functionality:
Importance of Holding $STMAP Tokens:
The $STMAP token serves as the key to unlock the full creative potential of StampMap. Holding $STMAP tokens grants individuals the right to inscribe, draw, or write on the 90,000 pixel canvas. The quantity of $STMAP tokens owned correlates directly with the creative footprint one can leave on the map. This innovative approach ensures that active participants are rewarded with increased visibility and influence within the StampMap community.
Showcasing PixelArt Diversity:
StampMap acts as a vibrant showcase for PixelArt enthusiasts. Individuals, artists, companies, and communities can leverage the platform to showcase their creativity in a pixelated masterpiece. The collaborative nature of the canvas allows for a diverse array of PixelArt expressions, creating a visually stunning amalgamation of unique styles and designs. StampMap becomes a living gallery, representing the richness and diversity of the Web3 creative space.
Flexibility in Choosing Colors and Updating Drawings:
Token holders have the flexibility to choose colors that resonate with their artistic vision. The color palette becomes a tool for self-expression, enabling the creation of intricate PixelArt compositions. Moreover, the platform allows for continuous updates and modifications to drawings. Artists can revisit their pixelated creations, refine them, or introduce entirely new elements, ensuring that the canvas evolves dynamically over time.
Pixel Availability and Unlocking Mechanism:
The availability of pixels on the map is directly tied to the ownership of $STMAP tokens. Each credit, equivalent to 1,000 $STMAP tokens, provides the opportunity to claim ownership of one pixel on the canvas. This ensures a fair and transparent distribution of creative space among token holders. Additionally, when a participant decides to sell their $STMAP tokens, the corresponding pixels are unlocked and become available for new holders. This mechanism encourages an active marketplace for the trading and acquisition of pixels, fostering a fluid and dynamic creative environment.

7. Roadmap


Please note that this roadmap may change over time, and that each statement is a wish, not a promise. Thank you for your understanding



December 2023

Q1 2024

Q2 2024

Q3-Q4 2024

Launch of the project and the community.

Free mint of $STMAP tokens

Recruiting the development team

Launch of the StampMap, all holders can come and inscribe/draw/write on the blank 90,000 pixels map (300x300 square).

Launch of "StampMap Business", a strategic campaign and a section of the StampMap website dedicated to businesses, aimed at onboarding businesses on StampMap with a professional approach (tools and documents to help businesses understand the concept of StampMap, and the benefits which can be derived from it for their business)

Submission of $STMAP for listing with numerous exchanges

$STMAP OTC listed on several exchanges (if technically possible for exchanges)

$STMAP listed in spot on several exchanges (if technically possible for exchanges, also depends on the budget that the project will have managed to raise, and on personal contributions)

Update of the StampMap platform to add functionality, and if possible more on-chain functionalities with the SRC20 protocol (Coseso is currently studying the possibilities)

To be announced...

8. Tokenomics
StampMap's tokenomics form the economic backbone of the project, designed to facilitate seamless interactions within the ecosystem. Here's an in-depth look at the $STMAP token details and its role in owning pixels on the map:
$STMAP Token Details:
Total Supply: The $STMAP token boasts a fixed total supply of 90,000,000 units. This scarcity contributes to the token's value proposition and aligns with the limited pixel availability on the map.
Credit System:

  • Conversion Rate: StampMap employs a straightforward credit system where 1,000 $STMAP is equivalent to 1 credit. This credit system serves as the fundamental unit for various actions and interactions within the StampMap platform.


  • Purpose of Credits: Credits play a pivotal role in the allocation of pixels on the map. Each credit grants the user the ability to inscribe, draw, or write on a pixel, contributing to the collaborative and evolving Pixel Art project.

Token's Role in Owning Pixels on the Map:

  • Ownership Mechanism: The $STMAP token is the key to unlocking ownership of pixels on the 90,000-pixel map. Holders of $STMAP tokens gain the right to participate in the creative process by inscribing, drawing, or writing on the map.


  • Pixel Allocation: The number of $STMAP tokens held determines the user's allocation of pixels on the map. This provides an equitable and proportional system, aligning with the project's commitment to community involvement.


  • StampMap's tokenomics are designed to establish a fair and engaging ecosystem, ensuring that token holders have a direct impact on the evolving Pixel Art project. The interplay between the credit system and pixel ownership creates a dynamic platform where creativity, ownership, and community participation intersect, driving the vision of StampMap forward.

Pixel Availability and Unlocking Mechanism:

  • Dynamic Ownership: The dynamic nature of StampMap allows for the fluid transfer of $STMAP tokens between users. When a token holder decides to sell or transfer their tokens, the corresponding pixels they own on the map are automatically marked as available.


  • Unlocking Process: Pixel unlocking occurs seamlessly as tokens change hands, ensuring that the creative landscape of StampMap remains vibrant and open to new expressions. This mechanism encourages an ever-evolving canvas, reflecting the dynamic shifts within the community.


  • Proportional Unlocking: The unlocking process is proportional to the number of tokens involved in the transaction. Whether it's a partial sale or a complete transfer, the system accurately adjusts the availability of pixels, maintaining fairness and transparency.

9. SRC20 Protocol
SRC20 Protocol Integration:
Understanding SRC-20 Protocol: StampMap leverages the SRC-20 protocol, a unique approach to data embedding within Bitcoin transactions. This protocol introduces a novel method for the secure representation of digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Integration Within Bitcoin Transactions: 
Unlike traditional Ordinals, SRC-20 tokens, also known as Stamps, utilize the UTXO model within Bitcoin transactions. This integration ensures the permanence and immutability of data within the Bitcoin blockchain. Each transaction involving $STMAP tokens becomes a lasting record within the robust Bitcoin network.
Key Benefits of SRC-20 Protocol:

  • Permanence & Immutability: SRC-20 tokens, including $STMAP, are embedded directly into the UTXO set of the Bitcoin blockchain. This integration ensures the permanent and unchangeable nature of the data, providing a level of security and trust unparalleled by other methods.


  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance: The unalterable nature of SRC-20 tokens makes them highly reliable for legal and regulatory compliance. Industries such as finance, real estate, and law, where enduring records are crucial, can benefit from the tamper-proof and time-stamped nature of Stamps.


  • Security & Reliability: SRC-20 protocol enhances the security and reliability of data by preventing the removal or pruning of Stamps from the blockchain. This inherent permanence makes SRC-20 tokens a more secure and reliable choice for the long-term storage of valuable digital assets and collectibles.


  • Efficiency & Scalability: SRC-20 tokens are designed to occupy minimal space on the blockchain, ensuring they have a negligible impact on the overall efficiency and scalability of the Bitcoin network. This addresses growing concerns about blockchain bloat and network performance.

10. Project Development Updates

Our Collaboration with COSESO
StampMap is proud to announce its collaboration with COSESO, a French company with extensive experience specializing in web development, legaltech, web hosting, and Web3 solutions.

On January 9, 2023, we formalized a development contract with COSESO, who have been diligently working on StampMap to deliver the project by the end of February.

After carefully evaluating proposals from various developers, we found COSESO to be the most suitable team for our project. Their expertise, immediate availability, familiarity with the SRC20 protocol, sizable team, and seamless communication were decisive factors. Moreover, being fellow French entities facilitates communication, enhancing collaboration.

The COSESO team comprises nine professionals, including four developers, a manager, a salesperson, a lawyer, a CEO, and an assistant. Additionally, COSESO maintains an extensive network, enabling them to scale up if necessary.

We are confident that COSESO is the ideal development partner to bring our project to fruition. To learn more about COSESO, visit their website and explore their portfolio of completed projects, including the announcement of our collaboration.

Coseso has already planned the development of StampMap in an optimized way, here are the main steps that it will follow, for a release of StampMap planned for February (we can't give a precise date at the moment) :

  • Project analysis, planning and implementation of communication/development tools (~2 days)

  • Design of the pixel grid and configuration of pixel search filters on the map (~5 days)

  • User interface design and integration (~5 days)

  • Integration of WEB3 wallets and integration of the $STMAP token using the SRC20 protocol. (~5 days)

  • Functional/quality test and verification (~1 day)

  • And a few extra days to plan for unforeseen events...

Visit the COSESO website to learn more about our development partner and explore their portfolio.

11. Improvements in StampMap V2

While V1 is currently under construction, we are already anticipating the development of V2.

V2 will introduce additional features to make the map more convenient and enjoyable. While the initial version focuses on the basics, V2 will enhance the user experience with more advanced features.

In V2, the map will be enhanced to make it more user-friendly and attractive. These improvements will include refining the pixel grid, optimising search filters and enhancing the user interface for smoother navigation. 

As part of these improvements, Coseso is actively studying the possibilities for integrating as many on-chain functionalities as possible. After initial feasibility studies, it appears that integrating most of the V1 functionalities on-chain is complicated, and presents challenges due to the map's need for scalability.


On-chain integration would also introduce additional fees through the Bitcoin network, and reduce the number of possibilities on StampMap. More research is needed before we can give more details about on-chain integration. 

V2 will also be able to include additional features to enhance the usefulness and entertainment value of the map. 

The roadmap for the development of V2 prioritises scalability and user experience, ensuring that StampMap remains adaptable to changing user needs, affordable in terms of bitcoin network fees while taking into account technical advances in the SRC20 protocol.

12. Concrete Reflections and Considerations
Initial Thoughts on Project Considerations:
StampMap's development involves meticulous consideration of various factors to ensure a thoughtful and sustainable project. The creators have engaged in thorough planning, taking into account both technical and community-related aspects. The following considerations shed light on the strategic decisions made during the project's conceptualization.
Fair Launch Strategies:
StampMap places a strong emphasis on a fair launch strategy. The creators are contemplating methods to prioritize individuals who have demonstrated substantial support for the project. Holding a significant number of $STMAP tokens, maintaining long-term holder status, and refraining from listing tokens on external marketplaces are factors under consideration. This approach aims to reward early supporters and facilitate the creation of larger, more impactful works on the map.
On-Chain Integration Balance:
The team is actively evaluating the extent of on-chain integration for StampMap. While recognizing the benefits of on-chain operations, the challenge lies in striking the right balance to ensure scalability and flexibility. The creators are navigating this decision-making process with the intent of optimizing the platform's functionality while maintaining efficiency and minimizing limitations associated with complete on-chain integration.
Direct Pixel Purchases, Pixel Sales, and Unlocking Mechanisms:
StampMap is exploring innovative features to enhance user engagement and interaction with the platform. One consideration involves enabling users to purchase pixels directly from the map, providing a convenient avenue for expanding existing drawings. Additionally, the potential for pixel sales, where users can trade pixels for $STMAP with an added bonus in BTC, is being explored. To maintain flexibility, mechanisms for unlocking pixels upon the sale of $STMAP tokens are under consideration. 
Information Sheets Linked to Pixels:
As part of StampMap's commitment to community engagement, an intriguing feature involves linking information sheets to each pixel on the map. This public-facing information sheet allows pixel owners to share details about themselves, their art, or other relevant information. The purpose is to foster a sense of identity and connection within the StampMap community, turning the pixelated canvas into a rich tapestry of diverse narratives.

13. Endless Possibilities
Vision for StampMap's Potential:
StampMap envisions itself not just as a pixelated canvas but as a dynamic, evolving masterpiece within the broader Web3 ecosystem. The creators hold a visionary outlook on the project's potential impact, aiming to position StampMap as one of the most emblematic works of the Web3 era. The canvas, initially comprised of pixels, has the potential to transform into a groundbreaking project that transcends traditional boundaries.
Community's Role in Shaping the Project:
At the core of StampMap's philosophy is the belief that the community is an integral driving force behind the project's success. The absence of centralized leadership or a founder emphasizes the decentralized and community-first approach. StampMap actively encourages community input, development suggestions, and constructive criticism. The platform serves as a collaborative space where every participant, regardless of their role or contribution, holds a stake in shaping the project's trajectory.
Acknowledgment of the Vast Possibilities with StampMap:
StampMap acknowledges the vast array of possibilities that can unfold as the project evolves. Beyond the pixelated canvas, the creators entertain the idea of StampMap transitioning into a fully realized metaverse. This ambitious vision involves the transformation of pixels into "land" in advanced phases of the project. By clicking on a pixel, users could potentially be immersed in a 3D virtual world owned by the corresponding pixel holder. This futuristic perspective hints at StampMap's potential to transcend conventional boundaries and explore innovative avenues within the Web3 space.

14. Team & Anonymity
As the creators and launchers of StampMap, our decision to remain anonymous stems from a commitment to certain principles that set us apart within the blockchain ecosystem. The primary reason behind our anonymity lies in the unique nature of the #SRC20 protocol that StampMap is built upon. Unlike other ecosystems, the SRC20 protocol doesn't allow for specific allocations for the team. This ensures that we, as project developers, do not financially benefit directly from the project's development. Our motivation is not financial gain but rather a profound passion for the concept of StampMap.
Moreover, the decision to mint the $STMAP token on the Bitcoin blockchain adds an extra layer of security and trust to the project. The inherent security of Bitcoin makes rug pulls or malicious activities impossible. The minting process was free, reinforcing our commitment to the community and the project's integrity. These two factors—lack of financial gain and the use of the secure Bitcoin blockchain—give us the confidence and legitimacy to remain anonymous. By doing so, we aim to shield ourselves from undue pressure, allowing us to focus on the best interests and development of the StampMap project without external distractions.
While we choose to remain anonymous for now, it's important to note that this decision is not permanent, and we may choose to reveal our identities in the future. This approach aligns with our commitment to transparency and openness with the StampMap community.

15. Remuneration, Cost, Transparency
Transparency is a core value at StampMap, and we want to be open and honest about our involvement in the project. Just like any other participant, we hold $STMAP tokens that we mined during the minting event. Our investment in the project extends beyond the development side, as we've personally invested funds to support the growth and sustainability of StampMap.
We are not just project developers but also avid supporters of StampMap's success. Our commitment to the project is long-term, with no intention of abandoning it. Importantly, we don't hold any of the top 10 wallets among the holders. The top wallets belong to unidentified individuals who, during the minting event, demonstrated a strong conviction towards the project.
Looking ahead, we're exploring ways to ensure the project's sustainability and introduce an income system. While we currently cover the fees and development costs for V1, a long-term financing plan is essential. We're considering implementing small additional Bitcoin fees for certain actions on StampMap, such as changing the location of a pixel. These fees will serve to finance ongoing developments, cover operating costs, and remunerate the developers working on the map. The introduction of this income system not only ensures the project's financial health but also opens up numerous possibilities for future enhancements and features on StampMap.
In our commitment to transparency, we are actively exploring strategies to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of StampMap. One avenue under consideration is the implementation of small Bitcoin fees, strategically introduced during specific actions on StampMap, such as pixel modifications. This approach ensures that the financial burden is distributed proportionately to the users engaging in actions that require additional resources.
Additionally, as part of our innovative revenue model, we are contemplating the option of leasing pixels on the StampMap canvas to businesses. This unique proposition would allow companies to rent pixels for a predetermined period, providing them with a platform to showcase their identity without the necessity of outright pixel ownership. This rental system not only diversifies our income streams but also offers a creative and flexible solution for enterprises to participate in the StampMap community.
These revenue-generating mechanisms will play a crucial role in covering development costs, sustaining platform operations, and fairly compensating the dedicated developers who contribute to the ongoing success and evolution of the StampMap project. By strategically introducing these income systems, StampMap not only ensures its financial viability but also opens up exciting possibilities for growth and innovation within the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology.

16. Conclusion and Community Engagement
Call to Action for Community Engagement:
StampMap concludes with a resounding call to action, urging every member of the community to actively engage and contribute to the project's vibrant ecosystem. The success and vitality of StampMap are intricately linked to the collective efforts of its diverse community. Whether you are an artist, an investor, or an enthusiast, StampMap invites you to play an active role in shaping the destiny of this groundbreaking project. Your ideas, input, and participation are not just welcomed but essential for the continued growth and evolution of StampMap.
Reminder to Visit the Website and Join the Telegram Community:
As a parting note, StampMap emphasizes the importance of staying connected. A gentle reminder encourages community members to explore the StampMap website for comprehensive information and updates. Additionally, joining the Telegram community is highlighted as a direct gateway to engaging in real-time discussions, accessing announcements, and fostering connections with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the project.
Appreciation for Community Support and Excitement for the Project's Future:
StampMap expresses heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support and enthusiasm demonstrated by its community. The creators acknowledge that the journey thus far has been marked by collective efforts, and the project owes its success to the vibrant and engaged community that surrounds it. The excitement for the future is palpable, with StampMap eagerly anticipating the unfolding chapters, innovations, and milestones that will be achieved in collaboration with its dedicated community.

17. Disclaimer
Clear Disclaimer Emphasizing Non-Financial Advice:
StampMap acknowledges the importance of clarity in communication and issues a clear disclaimer to underscore that the information presented within this document is not to be construed as financial advice. Readers are reminded that the content provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any form of financial guidance. StampMap recognizes the dynamic nature of the crypto and blockchain space, where market conditions and regulatory landscapes can change rapidly. Consequently, the project urges community members, investors, and readers to exercise due diligence and not rely solely on the information within this document for making financial decisions.
Encouragement for Responsible Decision-Making:
In alignment with its commitment to transparency and responsible engagement, StampMap encourages all individuals involved in the project to approach decision-making with a sense of responsibility. The disclaimer serves as a reminder that the crypto space inherently involves risks, and participants should conduct thorough research, seek professional advice if needed, and make decisions in line with their own risk tolerance and financial circumstances. StampMap values the autonomy and discernment of its community members, promoting a culture of informed decision-making and risk management.
Individual Research as a Key Component:
StampMap places a strong emphasis on individual research as a key component of responsible engagement with the project. Each participant is encouraged to delve into the project's details, understand the dynamics of the crypto market, and consider their unique circumstances before making any investment decisions. The disclaimer extends an invitation to the community to actively seek additional information, verify details independently, and stay informed about developments that may impact their involvement with StampMap. By empowering community members with the tools for independent research, StampMap aims to foster a community that is well-informed and capable of navigating the complexities of the blockchain landscape.

18. Useful links


Telegram :  

X (Twitter) :


$STMAP Marketplace


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